I am on macOS 13.4, I set up my Ocaml environment with emacs but I'm still new at it so I got trouble solving some of my problems:

For the project I am working on I had to clone my working repository twice. The first repository works fine: merlin recognises the modules, I can C-c C-l to access the definition of objects, and the execution of the code C-x C-e works fine.


  • merlin toolkit v4.5-412
  • opam v2.1.4
  • dune v3.8.0
  • ocaml toplevel v4.12.1

Merlin doesn't seem to work in my second repository: the libraries installed, such as Irmin or Lwt aren't recognized, they are Not in environment when I try C-c C-l. Every call to the libraries shows the error Unbound module ....

Then I can't manage to execute the code with the opam switch of my second repository:

opam exec --switch=/Users/Louis/git/temp/learn-ocaml -- ocaml

in emacs returns the error

error "Buffer *OCaml* has no process"

When I try to save a file I also get the error message:

The current Merlin configuration has been generated by another, incompatible, version of Dune. Please rebuild the project. (Using the same version of Dune as the one running the `ocaml-merlin` server.)

I tried to solve the problem:

eval $(opam env)

and then M-x merlin-stop-server RET in emacs but I have the error

No config found for irmin-test.ml. Try calling `dune build`.

The dependencies used for compilation should be alright, and I made sure all the opam packages were installed.

I also tried to set the switch manually:

eval $(opam env --switch=/Users/Louis/git/temp/learn-ocaml --set-switch)

but it tells me

[ERROR] The selected switch /Users/Louis/git/temp/learn-ocaml is not installed.


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