In org mode and in a source code special block, I can add code line labels, which have ref: in the label -- but when I make a link there, I have to omit the ref:. For example:

#+begin_src csharp
1044 string foo = someFunction(1234);
1045 if (foo == "1")
1046 {
1047     bar = 5; //  (ref:my-code-line-label)
1048 }
// etc etc

There's a bug [[(my-code-line-label)][right here]].

This seems inconsistent. Why do I have to omit the ref: bit? This always confuses me; it seems like it would be simpler to just make the label and the links to that line of code be exactly the same. I don't see any particular reference to this in the org manual. Any insights?

  • No particular insights as to why, but the how is clear: org-link-search takes the undecorated label from the link (i.e. without the ref:) as argument and decorates it internally. By default, it adds the ref: part, and creates a regexp for it (including the parens as part of the match) and that's what it searches for. If you pass ref:foo, then it looks for (ref:ref:foo) and that fails. There is some provision to change that default using a :label-fmt property, but I don't know how to trigger that. You might find something through git archaelogy or by posting a question on the ML
    – NickD
    Commented Jun 27, 2023 at 16:28
  • Thanks for the investigation! Here's my idea (which I should send to the org-mode list): get rid of the special behavior for code line labels and just make this work with dedicated targets: in regular parts of my org file, I use <<link-target>> and can make links to that. It would be simple and consistent to make that also work the same when <<link-target>> is inside a code block.
    – Dan Drake
    Commented Jul 3, 2023 at 12:17

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See this thread on the org-mode mailing list for some background. There, Ihor Radchenko pointed me to org-coderef-label-format:

the way coderefs appear in the code are completely configurable using org-coderef-label-format ("(ref:%s)" by default) and using -l src code switch.

And if I customize that to just (%s), I get the kind of consistent behavior that I'm looking for.

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