I've successfully managed adjusting the displayed size of spaces and raising/lowering propertized text by making use of the display property, however I cannot find anything that would allow me to fake kerning adjustments. In other words, I have two letters and would like to make the second one intrude into the first one's bounding box, in typography this would be done with negative kerning. Is there a way to achieve this effect with the Emacs display engine?

edit: I'll give a demonstration of what I want to achieve:

(defun my-insert-tex ()
   (propertize (concat "T" (propertize "e" 'display '(raise -0.24)) "X")
               'font-lock-face '(:family "Serif"))))

The preceding function inserts the string "TeX" with the "e" lowered by 0.5ex which are roughly 24% of the font height. This approximates the typesetting of the TeX logo, however to make it perfect I'd need something like a negative margin around the "e" to move it closer to the "T".

  • Have you asked on the mailing list? I have a feeling this is just not supported. – Jordon Biondo Feb 25 '15 at 15:30
  • No I haven't, I hoped it to be something simple I've just happened to overlook. – wasamasa Feb 25 '15 at 17:30

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