I am using orgroam, because it allows me to focus on smaller steps. But, sometimes I want to export a note to pdf but inline all links to other nodes.

So lets say I have a node called main that contains links to nodes sub1 and sub2. While working I like that main does not show the content of sub1, sub2. But when communicating with other people I would like to present one cohesive document. So I want to export main to pdf but automatically inline all the content of sub1 and sub2.

What I have found so far:

  • org-latex-export-to-pdf fails because it cannot resolve the link
  • post here did not help.
  • org-roam discourse had a similar question, but still no answer.

Is there any easy solution here that I am missing ?

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dlukes answer in Org-roam links are considered broken when exporting did the trick for me: Run

M-x org-roam-update-org-id-locations

before running your pdf export. I did not yet find any shortcomings from this.

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