Is there a package that provides a clearer syntax for building complicated regexes in code?

I currently have in my .emacs this regex, which matches various Java package names:


With all the backslashes and parentheses, I think it does what I intend. If I could do something like

(require '?)

(let ((re
           (?-or (?-literal "com.example")
              (?-literal "net.jahuwaldt.plot")
              (?-literal "javax.swing")
              (?-expr (?-literal "java.") (?-or "awt" "util"))
              (?-literal "org.apache"))
           (?-literal ".")
           (?-repeated (?-group "a-z0-9_.")))

that would be a lot clearer to read and edit. And I wouldn't worry that when I add a new value that I was putting it in at the wrong place.

Is there a package that more or less does what my invented ? package does here?

I expect this to be slower than putting the actual regex in, but I usually have this in interactive commands, where I wouldn't notice the difference.


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I think you are looking for the structured rx notation. Link to the Emacs manual on rx

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