I have seen a new cool Emacs package called gptel. One of the ways to install it is using the use-package approach:

(use-package! gptel
 (setq! gptel-api-key "your key"))

However, I noticed that they use an exclamation mark ! after (use-package. I can't find an explanation for the exclamation mark on the use-package documentation.

My config file heavily uses use-package and I have never seen such notation.

Is there a reason for the exclamation mark?

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It was actually a misinterpretation on my side. use-package! using the exclamation mark is an adaptation for doom-emacs. More here.

On gptel documentation, the README explicitly mentioned Doom. I was just reading fast and missed it.

On vanilla Emacs just do:

(use-package gptel
 (setq gptel-api-key "your-open-ai-key"))
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