I have not found a good way to use ediff with Mercurial changsets. What I want is basically the functionality of vc-dir, but for committed changesets. The input should be a changeset identifier, and I want an overview of the changed files, and an easy way to invoke ediff on each file.

I have experimented with using a wrapper around ediff-directories as argument to hg extdiff but I don't get the overview for the changed files to work.

I use mq, but I don't think that should be an issue, as applied patches as far as I can tell are treated as other changesets.

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I am not sure whether this is exactly what you ask for, but...

  1. M-x monky-log, find appropriate changeset, click Enter

    (monky is a magit clone, fairly nice, give it a try if you haven't tried it)

  2. M-x xhg-log, move to appropriate changeset, and press =

    (xhg is another sensible mercurial mode for emacs)

  3. M-x ahg-diff (will prompt for revisions and display diff in diff mode)

    (ahg is yet another mercurial module)

All those modules may have more functionality of a kind, I haven't really explored (while I heavily commit from emacs and frequently review recent logs, for deeper complicated history analysis I prefer hgview or TortoiseHg).

Update (after reading comment)

This will require some work to polish, but the effect need not be that far:

a) In this fancier log of monky, try tapping Tab, n, Tab, n, ... a few times. This should hide diffs and leave only file changes info. I suppose this is the summary buffer you want. So you only need to trick monky to open log in compacted view by default (advising sth. to set monky-hide-diffs variable to 't before this buffer is populated will likely help)

b) xhg has xhg-ediff-file-at-rev, unfortunately not bound to anything. So harder part of the exercise is to extract current file name and revision from monky-commit buffer and call xhg-ediff-file-at-rev with those data (my first instinct would be to advise monky-refresh-commit-buffer to set some variable to current commit, but maybe extracting info from actual buffer would be simpler).

Not a true solution, but ....

  • Pressing return on a change set in monky-log basically yields a fancier variant of log-view-diff-changeset (unless I've missed something). It looks nice, but it was the ediff functionality I was after. This still shows the text diffs, and from the descriptions I'm guessing the others do too? Commented Mar 3, 2015 at 15:55
  • FWIW If you've seen and like the ediff features in magit, you could look for / raise a feature request for monky to port the magit-ediff.el library? (I would think that working to such functionality into monky for everyone would be the most valuable approach.)
    – phils
    Commented Nov 28, 2015 at 23:11

install latest find-file-in-project

M-x ffip-show-diff-by-description, but the output is in ffip-diff-mode instead of ediff-mode.

You can also setup ffip-diff-backends.

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