Is there a way to make certain matchers be ignored when I run org-latex-preview? For example, I don't want the TeX dollar signs to be rendered, nor \begin environments. My reason for this is because I am using the org-fragtog package, and I run into issues with nested matched environments.

I did remove all the matchers I don't want from org-format-latex-options, but that does not seem to have any effect.

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The problem seems to be an issue in the org source. The relevant function, org-format-latex, contains a line

(let* ((math-regexp "\\$\\|\\\\[([]\\|^[ \t]*\\\\begin{[A-Za-z0-9*]+}")

which indicates that the latex regex is hard-coded in this case. In other words :matchers does not work right now. It ought to be fixed with the next major update to org's latex handling: https://list.orgmode.org/orgmode/[email protected]/.

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