I have new windows be opened in a split-window-horizontally way, but I want this specific lsp-find-references to be opened with split-window-vertically.

Is there any way to set this preference for this command?

..or, is there a way to call this function, telling it to open in the same window?

I have the same issue with M-x compile, as I want the compilation buffer to be on the vertical split.


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You should check the manual before asking this type of question (and search for duplicate questions, of course). See chapter 21.6 Displaying a Buffer in a Window of the Emacs manual. In particular, subsection 21.6.1 How ‘display-buffer’ works tells you how to customize the behavior of display-buffer, which commands such as lsp-find-references and compile all use, in various ways.

Most importantly for you, you can customize the behavior by modifying display-buffer-alist to have an appropriate action function (such as display-buffer-below-selected perhaps) for buffers of a given name (such as "*Compile*" or whatever lsp-find-references uses).

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