Is there a function that, for a given location (e.g. the ongoing file/line number) returns an existing bookmark (if any)?

I've looked at the list of functions in bookmark and bookmark+ libraries and could not find one.

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I'm not sure what you're asking. You can have any number of bookmarks at a given buffer position or file position.

Function bookmark-get-position returns the recorded position of a given bookmark. You can filter the bookmarks in the current bookmark-alist with a function that tests that position.

With Bookmark+ you also have commands such as bmkp-bookmarks-lighted-at-point, which returns a list of the bookmarks highlighted at the cursor position:

bmkp-bookmarks-lighted-at-point is an interactive compiled Lisp function in bookmark+-lit.el.

It is bound to C-x x =, menu-bar file bookmark bookmarks-here bmkp-bookmarks-lighted-at-point, menu-bar file bookmark highlight bmkp-bookmarks-lighted-at-point.

(bmkp-bookmarks-lighted-at-point &optional POSITION FULLP MSGP)

Return a list of the bookmarks highlighted at point.

Include only those in the current bookmark list (bookmark-alist).

  • With no prefix arg, return the bookmark names.
  • With a prefix arg, return the full bookmark data.

Interactively, display the info.


  • Use the bookmarks at optional arg POSITION (default: point).
  • Optional arg FULLP means return full bookmark data.
  • Optional arg MSGP means display the info.

And function bmkp-choose-bookmark-lighted-at-point:

bmkp-choose-bookmark-lighted-at-point is a compiled Lisp function in bookmark+-lit.el.

(bmkp-choose-bookmark-lighted-at-point &optional POSITION NOERRORP)

Return the name of a bookmark lighted at POSITION (default: point).

If there is more than one such, prompt user to choose one.

Optional arg POSITION is a buffer position to use instead of point.

Raise an error if there is no highlighted bookmark present, unless optional arg NOERRORP is non-nil, in which case return nil.

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