I am aware that this is a bit of training wheels, and that I should just trust Emacs and my keystrokes. But I think part of it is just that there's a context switch involved and I have too long of habits.

I have two visible windows: test.py in one, the inferior process *Python[/.../test.py] in the other. The active is buffer for test.py. I evaluate buffer with C-c C-c.

I would like visual feedback (in either buffer) that the code was evaluated. A blink in test.py would probably be better than something in *Python...] since I'd like a cross language solution, not just something specific for Python.


Looking at the code, I didn't see an obvious hook that is run.

However, the problem can still be solved using advice. I would suggest using "after" advice on python-shell-send-string. You could have it flash the current window (see whatever visible-bell does), or play a whooshing sound, or whatever you like.

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