With toggle-truncate-lines, there seems to be a limit on the width of the window when this setting works. If the window is smaller than allowed, it doesn't seem to work.

How can I remove this limit?

  • Did you read C-h f toggle-truncate-lines?
    – phils
    Aug 15 at 8:14
  • ah, great;), so (setq truncate-partial-width-windows 0) thanks Aug 15 at 10:09
  • 1
    You're welcome; but if you're not using C-h f and C-h v (or C-h o) as a habit by now (your profile says "Member for 7 years, 8 months" with ~140 questions under your belt), something has gone rather awry. Make "asking Emacs" your first step whenever you have a question.
    – phils
    Aug 15 at 11:21
  • Right, too quick on that one;). Generally, I'm good at searching. Aug 15 at 12:47
  • Comments are ephemeral. How about self-answering and accepting to close this question out?
    – nega
    Aug 16 at 4:37

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This is how you do it;)

(setq truncate-partial-width-windows 0)
  • Please mark this answer as accepted, thank you.
    – Trevoke
    Aug 16 at 17:00
  • You can accept your own answer in 12 hours, it says. Aug 16 at 17:55
  • I got the timing wrong, my bad :D
    – Trevoke
    Aug 16 at 18:47

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