I don't want to turn off entire smartparens or similar mode


When I type ) at cursor location I expect it to be


but it becomes


How to find out which mode is causing it?

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According to the description, it looks like elec-pair behavior with user option electric-pair-skip-self set to t.

Firstly, check if electric-pair-mode is enabled. Simply calling M-x electric-pair-mode --which toggles the mode-- should be enough for a quick test.

If the mode is enabled, setting electric-pair-skip-self to nil or #'electric-pair-default-skip-self (default value) will change the behavior to either never omitting a paren or omitting it in accordance with another user option: electric-pair-preserve-balance (start with the default value of t, it should work fine).

  • Thank you. but it's not turned on. I guess some other mode is doing it..
    – eugene
    Aug 24, 2023 at 10:04

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