I have electric-pair-mode on, but the behavior with double quotes is not working as expected in some buffers. In one of the affected buffers:

he said "

it does not insert the matching double quote when I type the " above. But I then type:

he said "hello world"

when I type that second ", it inserts another and I get:

he said "hello world""

That is: the matching double quote is only inserted at the end, or after inserting a starting double quote, or when not preceded by whitespace.

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This is from unbalanced quotes. For pairs with distinct beginning and end characters, such as parentheses, square brackets, curly brackets, curly quotes and so on, one can use check-parens or something like this code to check the buffer. But for " and ' quotes, the best we can do is count them and see if the number is even. One can use some simple code like this:

;; perhaps a bit silly, but I like semantic names for my code, and it seems emacs lisp doesn't have these?
(defun even-p (n) (eq (mod n 2) 0))
(defun odd-p (n) (not (even-p n)))

(defun count-quote-occurrences ()
  "Count the occurrences of single and double quote characters in buffer.
If both values are even, display a message; otherwise, display a warning.
  (let ((double-quote-occurences (count-matches "\"" (point-min) (point-max)))
        (single-quote-occurences (count-matches "\'" (point-min) (point-max))))
    (if (or (odd-p double-quote-occurences)
            (odd-p single-quote-occurences))
        (warn "Buffer contains %s double quotes and %s single quotes."
        (message "Success: buffer contains %s double quotes and %s single quotes."

(amusingly, the above definition creates unbalanced double quotes, because it's not smart enough to handle the backslash escaping. So one could add a spurious " in a comment to fix that...)

...and if you get unbalanced quotes, use occur with the offending character and M-g n or similar to jump through the buffer and find where the quotes got unbalanced.

  • Note that in emacs lisp code, where one has docstrings the use backticks and single quotes, this won't work. Modifying the above code to handle a single quote as the end character for a either a backtick or starting single quote is left as an exercise to the reader...
    – Dan Drake
    Commented Sep 2, 2023 at 19:11

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