When I want to highlight the following region

(a ( b ( c ) ) ) )

I get

(a ( b ( c ) ) ) )

I mark the beginning and do forward-sexp (or sp-forward-sexp, which results in the same outcome)

In, insert mode, I get the desired outcome, but in normal mode I get the 2nd outcome.

I tried (evil-set-command-property 'sp-forward-sexp :keep-visual t)

(I remember it was hard to debug this, because hooks/advices are hard to track..)

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So vim has different model for cursor.

You can get the emacs behavior by removing the additional motion/visual cursor model.

by setting inclusive type equal to exclusive type.

I was trying to define new type

The fact that I coulnd't find how to fix this easily suggests that
evil mode is mostly for vim users not emacs users..

I thought i messed up my configuration, because it was hard to find any mention of the problem.

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