I like to use dired-do-shell-command to open audio and video files in an independent terminal using the default command

gnome-terminal -- mplayer *

and this works great. But now I've changed my window manager to Stumpwm and starting up a Gnome app when none are running takes forever. However, when I use a command like

xterm -e "mplayer * "

to do the same thing, Emacs is waiting for xterm to finish and stuck until then. So how do I open an independent instance (I've tried giving xterm a new title with xterm -T and I've tried using a xterm -e /bin/bash -l -c as suggested here, but neither works). So how do I start an independent instance of xterm?

I realize this is a borderline question for the Unix Stack exchange but I thought I'd post it here since it might depend on the specifics of Emacs.

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I finally found an answer here: one just has to add a & at the end of the command!

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