What would be the easiest way of shuffling between a few source files, usually of the same type, say .py or .js. C-x C-b and selecting gets a little tedious once your open buffers list grows. I would like the following options if possible

  • toggle between two files only, same window, just going back and forth
  • all open buffers filtered by the same file extension as current one
  • all open buffers filtered by files from the same projectile project

I don't mind using a little bit of elisp code in my configuration with my own shortcuts.

Any pointers will be appreciated. I currently use magit, projectile, helm, neotree, ivy at a high level to manage multiple git repos

Edit: Till i get really comfortable with shortcuts i will be ok to use my mouse a little bit. So an option which is more mouse friendly or even mouse dependent is also an ok option for now.

  • Please narrow your question to cover only one of the "options" you want to know about. You can post separate questions for each of them, if you like.
    – Drew
    Sep 17, 2023 at 17:50
  • Oops, I figured there would be a common solution or package to address all of these :) Sep 17, 2023 at 18:21

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You might find better answers elsewhere (and many people will have other opinions), so I will be brief. See chapter 20.1 Creating and Selecting Buffers of the Emacs manual for several options.

First, C-x b (aka switch-to-buffer, not C-x C-b aka list-buffers) is what I use most often. It prompts you to input the name of a buffer to switch to, but the default is always the next most recently used buffer so simply hitting ENTER will take you right to it. This is how I normally swap back and forth between two buffers.

For dealing with projects, C-x p b (project-switch-to-buffer) is the same but limits the completion to just buffers from the current project. See chapter 29.2.2 Project Commands That Operate on Buffers in the Emacs manual.

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