I think this is doom emacs specific problem.

Doom collects autoload functions into an ./local/etc/@/init.el file
And when I do M-. (which is mapped to doom's +lookup/definition and in turn it tries xref-find-definition

, I land on the init.el file. (for instance I look for org-agenda and ends up landing in the init.el)

Is there a way to prevent this, and let it find the original source file?

  • I keep hearing these horrible things about Doom Emacs. Why does anyone use it?
    – db48x
    Sep 18 at 17:29
  • well, for me, it's a window that shows me new things. since it has collected many stuff. I can try those out without me taking much time researching those possibilities
    – eugene
    Sep 19 at 3:26


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