What I'm trying to do is to export an .ics file daily that can be imported to Google Calendar so that I can view all unfinished TODOs on my phone. In Emacs, I have org-agenda show the unfinished TODOs on today's view. How can I achieve this when exporting to iCalendar?

I'm currently using org-icalendar-combine-agenda-files to export the TODOs from all my agenda files. I don't want to reschedule the TODOs to today, as many of them are recurring items and I don't want the next repeat time to be based on today when I do mark them as DONE.

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You can use Syncthing to sync your org-agenda-files with your smartphone (you could also use a cloud storage services like Dropbox, or also WebDAV). Then, if your phone is under Android, you can use Orgzly to read and edit your TODOs.

  • Thanks for this idea. I was actually doing this previously, but I no longer needed the bidirectional syncing from Syncthing + Orgzly, so looking for something simpler and that integrates with the calendar system better.
    – P. B.
    Sep 26, 2023 at 13:08

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