I have problem with the indentation in JSX/TSX files, I'm not sure how to describe it but the thing is that it does not follow the indentation on the file, please take a look the gif below:

Failure to follow indentation

After pressing enter, the line goes to the left ignoring the current level of indentation. I tried pressing tab but nothing happens.

I noticed that using rjsx-mode (major mode, not -minor) fixes the problem but then I lose all the nice functionality from TSX and LSP. Maybe I need to change my approach to this so if you could also point me in the right direction to setup emacs for React with TypeScript, I would be really grateful.

Btw, this is the top of describe-mode:

`Minor modes enabled in this buffer: Company Display-Line-Numbers Eglot--Managed Eglot-Inlay-Hints Eldoc Flymake Font-Lock Js2 Rjsx Tree-Sitter

The major mode is TypeScript TSX mode...`

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When you use rjsx-mode as major mode, the Tree-sitter code parser is not used anymore (becoming useless). That's why it fixes the indentation issue. But, not sure rjsx-mode pretty highlights Typescript specific code.

I do not know which version of Emacs you have, but under Emacs 29.1 with last version of Tree-sitter tsx language, I do not have this issue, but no sure to have tested with a similar JSX structure (not easy, based on your gif).

If you can run Emacs 29+, you could also be interested in using jtsx. It provides jtsx-tsx-mode and jtsx-jsx-mode major modes which use built-in Tree-sitter package and come with some fixes and additional features.

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