I'm new to Emacs. I saw that you could have registers with special files. I really like that feature, and I was wondering if I could get the same functionality with a Dired buffer. For example, the following works:

    (set-register ?e (cons 'file "~/.emacs.d/init.el"))

And I would like to something along the lines of:

    (set-register ?o '(buffer '(dired "path/somewhere")))

However, I get the following error:

switch-to-buffer: Wrong type argument: stringp, ('(dired "path/somewhere")).

How could I get that functionality to work?

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It turns out you have to use the "file" command and simply specify a directory. It will open dired outomatically.

As in:

(set-register ?o (cons 'file "path/to/directory"))

C-h v register-alist tells you all the possibilities for register values:

Alist of elements (NAME . CONTENTS), one for each Emacs register.
NAME is a character (a number).  CONTENTS is a string, number, marker, list
or a struct returned by ‘registerv-make’.
A list of strings represents a rectangle.
A list of the form (file . FILE-NAME) represents the file named FILE-NAME.
A list of the form (file-query FILE-NAME POSITION) represents
 position POSITION in the file named FILE-NAME, but query before
 visiting it.
A list of the form (buffer . BUFFER-NAME) represents the buffer BUFFER-NAME.
 represents a saved window configuration plus a saved value of point.
 represents a saved frame configuration (a.k.a. "frameset") plus
 a saved value of point.
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