Using gdb in emacs, gdb shows the source code to the right of the gdb prompt.

According to the documentation, I can do M-x gdb-display-locals-buffer which displays the local variables. However, when I do that, the locals buffer replaces the source buffer. Is there a way for to tell gdb to open the locals buffer somewhere else? So that it doesn't overwrite the source buffer?

Thanks in advance!

PS: Bonus question, what is the difference between gdb and gud-gdb? Can I get the locals buffer using gud?

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If you want to customize your default GDB window layout, you can do the following :

  1. Enter GDB mode manually, and craft your layout using the regular window-* commands and the gdb-display-* commands.

  2. Invoke gdb-save-window-configuration to save it to a file.

  3. Set it as your default layout :

(setq gdb-many-windows t)
(setq gdb-default-window-configuration-file "/path/to/file")

If you want to keep the default layout and be able to quickly pull up the GDB locals buffer, you can write your own command like so :

(defun gdb-add-locals-buffer ()
  "Display the GDB locals buffer."

I tested this with the interactive GDB buffer on the left-hand side, and the source buffer on the right-hand side. It worked, but it is not reliable. You can also use gdb-load-window-configuration to manually load a premade configuration.

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