I tried adding this code to interactively clear the echo area (or mini-buffer not sure??) during Vertico's find-file.

(defun my-kill-line ()
  "Remove text from the echo area by killing backwards"
  (kill-line 0))

(keymap-set vertico-map "C-M-g" 'my-kill-line)

Emacs 29.1 says C-M-g undefined when I try to use it.

I put both expressions in vertico.el near the top and ran M-x eval-buffer.


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It is likely that some code in vertico.el reset the value of vetico-map. Try to put your code somewhere else, and make sure to load it after Vertico. Alternatively, add your key binding to minibuffer-mode-map to make sure Vertico does not erase it.

To answer your other question, you are dealing with the mini buffer.

  • This worked thanks. Moved the code to my .emacs, just after the use-package entry for vertico, and it works as expected.
    – Mikef
    Commented Nov 1, 2023 at 11:38

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