I frequently have buffers (Org-Mode, but that should be irrelevant) where I have a mix of Koine Greek, Ancient Hebrew, and English. I have spellchecking set up for Koine and English, but I have not found a hunspell dictionary for ancient Hebrew. As such flycheck thinks all Hebrew words are misspelled English words. The red squiggly underline makes most vowels impossible to see in pointed Hebrew. As such I end up turning of flycheck in these buffers, and misspelling my English and Greek words. If I could limit the blast radius by registering the Hebrew orthography with flycheck the way that I have registered the Greek, albeit not to spellcheck it but to ignore it, this would significantly improve the situation. Is there a tractable way to accomplish this?

In case it is relevant, here is what I have for the Greek:

  (add-to-list 'ispell-local-dictionary-alist
                 ("-d" "grc_GR"); Dictionary file name


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