I want to export my source blocks from org-mode to pdf through latex with the export backend engraved. I installed the package engraved-faces, set the variable with (setq org-latex-src-block-backend 'engraved) and exported.

Everything worked as expected until I tried to use some latex3 code inside a code block. The export ended with some errors and showing unnecessary characters inside the pdf document next to the latex3 code.

Here a MWE:

#+latex_class: article
#+latex_compiler: lualatex
#+date: \today
#+title: A Great Title
#+author: Mr. Bigfoot
#+language: en-gb

* Testing source code environments

Here comes some verbatim latex code:

#+name: latex-src
#+caption: Ein Latex-Src Block
#+begin_src latex
# \seq_new:N \l_lukeflo_seq

#+name: shelltest
#+attr_latex: :options numbers=left
#+begin_src shell
  touch hello_world.txt && echo "Done!"

Here its over.

With the latex3 code commented out, it gives a good result:

enter image description here

But as soon as I use the latex3 code, the output is messed up:

enter image description here

The problem seems to be that engraved doesn't produce an appropriate latex color definition for the face the latex3 code is highlighted with in emacs (invoking C-u C-x = its font-latex-sedate-face org-block). This face is missing in the autogenerated list of latex colors in the intermediate .tex file. A random example is e.g.:

\newcommand{\EFc}[1]{\textcolor{EFc}{#1}} % font-lock-comment-face

for the font-lock-comment-face (there are multiple such lines).

Thus, the question ist: How can I add custom faces to engraved whose color then will be processed correctly during latex export?


The variables in question are engrave-faces-themes and engrave-faces-current-preset-styles. I tried to add a custom theme to the first one with (add-to-list 'engrave-faces-themes '(theme-name . [...])), where the [...] part is just a copy of the default theme extended with the line (font-latex-sedate-face :short "fl-sedate" :slug "sed" :foreground "#ff8c00") to process the face font-latex-sedate-face which I use for highlighting latex3 code.

If I check the variable afterwards with C-h,v engrave-faces-themes, my custom theme is added. But it can't be usen during latex-export. The error message states: "Theme theme-name is not found in 'engrave-faces-current-preset-style' or availible Emacs themes". Thus, I need to pass the new theme to the engrave-faces-current-preset-style or invoke a function which does this. Unfortunatley, I'm not able to understand the whole elisp code in the package file of engrave-faces which processes all this stuff.

So, still happy for help.


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