Is there a way to automatically bump the priorities of all nodes in the current buffer by 1?

If that's relevant, I use digital priorities(org-priority-down/org-priority-up work fine). It's a bit annoying doing it manually each time in a large document.

My use case is - sometimes it is easier to balance priorities this way(e.g. bump all existing ones and add new blockers/higher priority nodes)

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org-map-entries is your friend (read its doc string with C-h f org-map-entries and also the Mapping API section of the manual for details). In this particular case, all you have to do is:

M-: (org-map-entries #'org-priority-up t 'file)

If you only want top-level nodes to be bumped, use "LEVEL=1" instead of t for the MATCH argument (i.e. the second argument).

And, of course, you can always wrap this in an Elisp command (a function with an interactive specification) and bind it to a key.

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