How can I disable the bash-completion like mode in the shell-command mini-buffer?

E.g. with M-! and then git diff > <tab>, emacs shows a list of branches while I expect filename expansion. Ditto after git pull /<tab>; I do not want to expand git remotes there but filenames.

Seen with 'emacs -Q' (29.1)

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First of all, when I run the commands git diff > <tab>, I do get the filenames in the completion buffer. Picture of the filename in the completion buffer when I run the command.

The completion system for M-x shell-command uses pcomplete by default. The completion backend is explicitly stored in the function pcomplete/git. If you want to disable completion for git, then you can redefine the function pcomplete/git to return nil, ex.

(defun pcomplete/git ()

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