Please don't call me lazy, but has anybody compared all the available packages that allow to move a line up or down in the text? I have found:

  • move-lines
  • move-text
  • move-dup
  • drag-stuff

Or, just, to anybody who has chosen one of these over another, what made you prefer one over the other?

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move-dup offers a minor mode with commands to move or duplicate the current line or region. When operating on a region, it first expands the region to only contain whole lines. It also has an option, enabled by default, that combines them into single undo entries, so you can undo a whole batch of line-moves at once (though it does make undoing line-moves slightly slow).

move-text offers commands to move lines or a region, and a command to set its default bindings (but no mode). When operating on a region that include partial lines, it only moves text that is actually in the region, which has some unusual behaviors and may be inconvenient to reverse without undoing. I would not recommend this package.

drag-stuff offers a minor mode and commands to move the current line or region. When operating on a region, it moves any line that contains any of the region, but does not expand the region. The mode offers simple customization of the keybindings (via drag-stuff-modifier), but you have to call drag-stuff-define-keys before you can actually use them. It also lets you drag words left and right (or the region left and right by characters).

move-lines is not in Melpa, so I won't look much at it, but I can see that it doesn't define a mode.

Personally, I'd say drag-stuff has the best behavior when it comes to moving a region (because it leaves the contents of the region alone), but move-dup is probably more convenient, because of how it amalgamates undo entries (which makes it much easier to put a line back where it came from without undoing more than you meant to).



move-text and move-lines do the same thing, a difference is that the latter is not available from melpa.

drag-stuff adds the capability of moving selections to the right or left.

move-dup adds a different capability, that of duplicating a line or selection.

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