• Given that I have an Org document with footnotes
  • And I have defined:
#+BIND: org-md-toplevel-hlevel 2
  • And in my Emacs init script I have set:
(setq org-export-allow-bind-keywords t)
  • When I export using ox-md: C-c C-e m m

Expected: Then I should see that the footnotes heading is a level 2 heading

Actual: The footnotes heading is always exported as a level 1 heading

Do I need to change another setting for this to work?

The entire Org document:

#+BIND: org-md-toplevel-hlevel 2

Post summary or tagline.

** level 1

   Post starts here. [fn:1]

*** level2

    lorem ipsum

** Footnotes

[fn:1] a footnote 

The resulting Markdown file:

## Table of Contents

1.  [level 1](#orgfadcdb8)
    1.  [level2](#org61fade8)

Post summary or tagline.

<a id="orgfadcdb8"></a>

## level 1

Post starts here. <sup><a id="fnr.1" class="footref" href="#fn.1" role="doc-backlink">1</a></sup>

<a id="org61fade8"></a>

### level2

lorem ipsum

# Footnotes

<sup><a id="fn.1" href="#fnr.1">1</a></sup> a footnote

You can download this sample files from my git repo:

  1. test.org
  2. test.md

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It seems this was actually a bug. I reported it to the Org maintainers and it got fixed: org-mode#6e72a4c7f

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