When I do C-h v package-alist, I see something like

((PACKAGE-NAME1 [cl-struct-package-desc

 (PACKAGE-NAME2 [cl-struct-package-desc

How can I see the full alist instead of its truncated form with the ellipsis characters ... at the end?

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    I've got eval-expression-print-length and eval-expression-print-level both at nil for this reason. It can be a pain though if something too large is printed. – abo-abo Feb 4 '15 at 20:02
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    You can also press RET on the ellipsis to expand it. I usually press RET and then yank-paste it. There's also a way to cancel the special overlay that hides the rest of the printed text with one function, but I think one would have to write it. Also see: stackoverflow.com/questions/13568262 – wvxvw Feb 4 '15 at 20:26

As mentioned in the comments you can tweak eval-expression-print-* or expand by hitting RET or mouse-2 on the ellipses (which calls last-sexp-toggle-display). However probably the most useful for general messing around in the *scratch* buffer is:

(pp package-alist)

Which will format the output in a more readable way.

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