Following the Use avy to select distant word or line and paste at point thread I want the following action - select a letter as in the thread, when the letters for avy selection arrive press a number x, yank the region selected by expand region er/expand-region where expand region is counted/extended x times and then paste it at the current spot.

If no number is given the standard behavior as in the source thread should be provided, if a number is given the 'expand region pasting' as described here should be the action. I am using doom emacs on Mac OS.

So far the function looks like this:

(defun my-avy-paste-word (char)
  "Paste a word selected with avy."
  (interactive (list (read-char "char:" t)))
  (let ((avy-action #'avy-action-copy))
    (when (avy-jump (concat "\\b" (string char)))


a) How can I choose only candidates below or above, so candidates above and below the cursor are chosen.

b) How can I have er/expand-region with an argument responsible for how much I put into my kill ring before pasting it at point.


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