I'm trying to use query-replace with a prefix argument in superword mode. So for example, C-u M-% token RET token_drawer RET should not replace token where it appears in token_width. But query-replace doesn't seem to respect superword-mode.

I have confirmed that superword-mode is enabled and that, for example, M-f (forward-word) respects it.

How can I convince query-replace that that _ in token_width should be considered part of a word?

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superword-mode defines search functions that can be used to search for word boundaries (see find-word-boundary-function-table). The search functions (like qurey-replace) don't use those functions, and can not be made to use them (I guess).

If you would like _ to be considered as part of a word, then you can modify the syntax table directly using (source evil docs here)

(modify-syntax-entry ?_ "w")

the motion commands also use that table can use this method as instead of superword-mode (you might have to modify the table for some more characters).

If you prefer not to modify the syntax table, then simply use a regex search with patterns like

token\(\[^_]\) => new_pattern\1

see here and (e.g.) replace-regex docstring for the explanation.

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