I am trying to run javascript code blocks in Org Babel. My system is Cygwin on Windows 10 with Cygwin emacs-w32. (Beautiful setup in general, I love it. Makes Windows Unix-like and bearable to me. But it does have its quirks.) I have set CYGWIN=winsymlinks:native but I don't think that's an issue.

Code blocks in other languages work fine, but my node.js is a Windows program, so emacs-w32 Org Babel kindly translates paths from Cygwin to Windows. The problem is I get this: C:\cygdrive\c\Users\me\all\the\rest\of\it, which has an incorrect and unnecessary \cygdrive\c at the front. When I manually correct the path and type the command in at the bash command line, node produces the correct output. What do I have to do to correct the path munging done by emacs-w32|org|babel?

BTW node seems to work just fine with relative unix-style paths that don't include .../c/... . I would be happy to use relative paths for everything all the time ... would that be a viable strategy in general?

I have contemplated symlinking C:\cygdrive\c back to \ but that just seems like asking for trouble ... or maybe not?

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So ... I did it:

cd /cygdrive/c
mkdir cygdrive
cd cygdrive
ln -s ../ c

Now my javascript block executes as expected.

Who knows what else might go wrong? But tomorrow is another day, and another adventure with Cygwin.

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