When I use command org-roam-node-find and I want to create a node named Programming Languages, I can't enter the space character.

Emacs seems to require the node title to be a single string without spaces. If I try to create a node called "Programming Languages", by entering C-c n f, when I hit SPC after Programming, the minibuffer says Programming [No match].

If I keep going with the whole string Emacs tries to create a node called ProgrammingLanguages. I can edit the title in the capture template to add the space, but I can't understand why this is the default behaviour, and I don't know how to change it.

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You can always use C-q SPC to insert a space char. You can use C-q to insert any character. So just type Programming, followed by C-q SPC, followed by `Languages.

C-h k C-q tells us:

C-q runs the command quoted-insert (found in global-map), which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in ‘simple.el’.

It is bound to C-q.

(quoted-insert ARG)

Read next input character and insert it.

This is useful for inserting control characters. With argument, insert ARG copies of the character.

If the first character you type after this command is an octal digit, you should type a sequence of octal digits which specify a character code. Any nondigit terminates the sequence. If the terminator is a RET, it is discarded; any other terminator is used itself as input. The variable read-quoted-char-radix specifies the radix for this feature; set it to 10 or 16 to use decimal or hex instead of octal.

In overwrite mode, this function inserts the character anyway, and does not handle octal digits specially. This means that if you use overwrite as your normal editing mode, you can use this function to insert characters when necessary.

In binary overwrite mode, this function does overwrite, and octal digits are interpreted as a character code. This is intended to be useful for editing binary files.

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