I have a Windows 10 machine at work, on which our IT refuses to install Docker. Instead, they want me to run Docker on a remote Linux server that I access through PuTTY. I have a PuTTY session called "ringer" that I use to reach the server, and I've set up PuTTY with keys so that I don't need to type in a password. I can open a file in my Windows Emacs (actually MSYS2) with address


I would like to use my local Emacs (29.2) to access the remote Docker container. I've looked at tramp-container.el, but I remain confused. On the one hand, I should start the address with /docker:, but then on the other hand, how can I access the PuTTY ringer session?

Some guidance on where to start would be helpful.

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tramp-container.el from ELPA is outdated. Tramp comes with builtin docker support.

In order to access a docker container on the remote host, you might use a multi-hop access. Try something like /plinkx:ringer|docker:container_name:

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