In Emacs 26 I had this working macro:

(defmacro with-temp-highlights (&rest body)
  "It executes BODY, undoing, upon completion, all the highlighters
used, but leaving pre-existing highlighters unchanged."
  (declare (indent 0))
       (let ((font-lock-keywords font-lock-keywords)
             (hi-lock-interactive-patterns hi-lock-interactive-patterns))

     ;; I need it to re-apply the highlights stored in the
     ;; `font-lock-keywords` and `hi-lock-interactive-patterns`
     ;; variables
     (highlight-regexp "MY DUMMY REGEXP")
     (unhighlight-regexp "MY DUMMY REGEXP")))

(defun test-temp-highlights ()
    (highlight-regexp "foo")
    (read-string "[ENTER]: ")))

I used it to highlight "temporarily" some regexp without the need to use unhighlight-regexp to restore the buffer highlighting state.

Now I switched to Emacs 29.1 and the macro does not work appropriately. The first time I use the macro, the regexp/match is first highlighted and then unhighlighted, but from the next time I use it, the match is not highlighted at all.

hi-lock-mode is enabled.

Could this be fixed?

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I changed my macro:

(defmacro with-temp-highlights (&rest body)
Descrizione: Esegue BODY annullando, al termine dell'esecuzione, tutti gli evidenziatori utilizzati, ma mantenendo inalterati gli evidenziatori preesistenti."
  (declare (indent 0))
       (let ((font-lock-keywords font-lock-keywords)
         (hi-lock-interactive-patterns hi-lock-interactive-patterns)
         (hi-lock-interactive-lighters hi-lock-interactive-lighters))


I added a let-binding for the hi-lock-interactive-lighters variable.

It seems working fine.

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