What I'm trying to do is use org-attach-dired-to-subtree when I find something I'm looking for with M-x locate.

That doesn't work, cause M-x locate results is not a dired buffer.

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C-h m in the *Locate* buffer says:

V visits the directory of the file on the current line.
This function runs ‘locate-mode-hook’ before returning.

so you could (possibly - I have not tried it) even do the org-attach-dired-to-subtree from the hook. No, this is nonsense: I misinterpeted this function in the last sentence: it does not refer to locate-find-directory (which is bound to V), it refers to locate-mode itself.

EDIT: Here's a simple function that wraps the relevant pieces to org-attach a single file from the *Locate* buffer:

(defun my/locate-org-attach-file ()
  (let ((file (locate-get-filename)))
    (org-attach-dired-to-subtree (list file))))
  • Thanks for this one. It opens the Dired buffer, but it's not jumping to the file, so I have to search for it anew, inside the Dired buffer. Anyways, it does solve the problem, so thanks;) Jan 31 at 9:43
  • See edited answer for a single-file function. You could probably implement a bulk function by looping over marked files in the *Locate* buffer but there are a couple of complications (possilbe non-uniqueness of file names is one).
    – NickD
    Jan 31 at 17:15

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