;; emacs -Q (emacs version 29.1, emacs-mac)

(unless package-archive-contents (package-refresh-contents))
(setq use-package-always-ensure t) 

(use-package evil :config (evil-mode 1))

(defun test () (interactive) (message "test"))
(define-minor-mode dummy-mode "" nil " Dummy" '())

 :states 'normal
 :keymaps 'dummy-mode-map
 "C-j" #'test)

Here is what I did (make sure you never enter evil insert-state while doing this):

  • eval the above code
  • keeping evil-mode in normal-state, enter dummy-mode
  • press C-j (it doesn't run test, because the binding is not setup)
  • enter insert-state, and then return to normal-state
  • press C-j (now it does run test)

Could this be a bug? I would like my bindings to work without needing to enter insert-state.

  • Sounds like a bug, although unclear if it's in general.el or in evil. But unless you can prove that it's a bug in Evil, I think it will likely be closed because outwardly it looks like a bug in the other mode (even if it's actually not — to prove you have to create a minimal testcase that uses evil-only functional and shows the bug). So I suggest you to start by reporting to general.el (or create a min. testcase for Evil). Idk what else to say here… Unless on this post stumbles upon a general.el's maintainer (which is unlikely), I don't think there's anything else to answer here.
    – Hi-Angel
    Feb 13 at 19:45


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