How can I conveniently define and use contact groups/mailing lists when using mu4e?

For example I want to define a group "tennis club" which contains multiple email addresses


Then I want to select "tennis club" (with auto completion) when writing an email (such that the mail will be send to all members of this group).

Regarding auto-completion I would like to see it integrated to helm, which is the completion interface I am currently using.

For comparison: In thunderbird this feature is called "mailing list".

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I have a .mailrc with:

alias foo "PersonA <[email protected]>" "B <[email protected]>"
alias bar ...

I do not have autocomplete, but if I type "foo<ENTER>" in the To: field, it replaces foo with the list of email addresses.

You could also use yasnippet?

  • Thanks. I had to invoke rebuild-mail-abbrevs to make it work.
    – student
    Feb 29 at 8:49
  • Regarding completion I don't see why yasnippet would be a good idea, because then you have to define the snippets manually. It might be better to use helm or something like this to generate dynamically a candidate list.
    – student
    Feb 29 at 8:52
  • yasnippet is powerful. You could have one snippet called 'list' that parses .mailrc and does autocompletion options for you, so you type list<tab> to invoke yasnippet, then are presented with a menue. Could also use hydra and have a small menu of completions.
    – mankoff
    Feb 29 at 19:56

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