Is there an analog of org-copy-visible for hideshow minor mode?

An example use case is: enter Python file -> hide all top-level -> copy visible and now I have a list of top-level defs in the kill ring.

I'm open to suggestions of a better alternative to hideshow mode also.

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Try running org-copy-visible itself. AFAICT, it does not place any requirements on the buffer (e.g. it does not require that it should be an Org mode buffer). In light testing, it seems to work: I open a python file with a few defs, I enable hs-minor-mode, I do hs-hide-all, select a region (there are other visible things at thισ point, not just the defs, so selecting a region allows skipping those), then call org-copy-visible and paste the list in another buffer.

No guarantees, but maybe it will work well enough for your purposes.

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