How can I send commands to other buffers which are EXWM, say, URxvt?

This works for generic emacs buffers:

(with-current-buffer "local_machine.org" (insert "Hello"))

I want to send to urxvt keystrokes (ls -la), be able to execute commands as if I was in that buffer such as balance-windows

  • I have partially solved my task with an other approach, though it is not related to EXWM (shell) (with-current-buffer "*shell*" (insert "echo 'rest'") (comint-send-input)) Commented Feb 25 at 18:04
  • or (defun s (arg1 &optional shellbuffer) (or shellbuffer (setq shellbuffer "*terminal*")) (with-current-buffer shellbuffer (insert arg1) (term-send-input))) for term Commented Feb 25 at 19:38


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