I am using Emacs 30.0.5 and eglot 1.16. I found a strange behavior when eglot is enabled in a buffer. When I enter a left parenthesis ( at one side of a function call parameter, the other parenthesis ) will automatically be entered on the other side of the parameter. Let | indicate my cursor position, it behaves like this:

self.vec.push(|aa, bb)

If I enter a left parenthesis (, it turns to:

self.vec.push((|aa), bb)

that ) generates after aa. I did not find the documentation to this behavior in eglot documentations or through web search. But I found if I disable eglot by eglot-shutdown, this behavior disappears and if I repeat the above process after that, it shows this:

self.vec.push((|)aa, bb)

Because I am using electric-pair-mode along with eglot, this is quite annoying as when I enter a ( when selecting a region of text, two )s will be generated. Do you know how I can turn off the eglot parenthesis handling? Thanks!

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Solved. This appears to be a Rust specific problem. The Rust LSP server responded the onTypeFormatting suggestion inserting the parenthesis.

[jsonrpc] e[17:16:16.575] --> textDocument/onTypeFormatting[20] {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":20,"method":"textDocument/onTypeFormatting","params":{"textDocument":{"uri":"*****/lib.rs"},"options":{"tabSize":2,"insertSpaces":true,"insertFinalNewline":true,"trimFinalNewlines":true},"position":{"line":323,"character":19},"ch":"("}}
[jsonrpc] e[17:16:16.579]   <-- textDocument/onTypeFormatting[20] {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":20,"result":[{"range":{"start":{"line":323,"character":23},"end":{"line":323,"character":23}},"newText":")"}]}

By adding :documentOnTypeFormattingProvider to eglot-ignored-server-capabilities this is solved.

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