Emacs 27.1

If I want to simultaneously scroll vertically two windows I use

M-x scroll-all-mode

OK. But this scrolls windows vertically.

But I need to scroll both windows horizontally. Is it possible?


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If you inspect the definition of scroll-all-mode, you will find that it simply adds a post-command-hook that calls scroll-all-check-to-scroll.

Inspecting the scroll-all-check-to-scroll, we find that it simply dispatches to a 'scroll-all' version of the 'current command'.

So we can simply add sroll-all versions of the horizontal scrolling functions and extend the scroll-all-check-to-scroll to dispatch for those commands also.

Here follows an example for how to extend scroll-all functionality with forward-char:

(with-eval-after-load 'scroll-all
  (defun scroll-forward-all (arg)
    "Forward char in all visible windows.
ARG is like in `end-of-buffer'."
    (interactive "P")
    (scroll-all-function-all 'forward-char arg))

  (defun scroll-all-check-to-scroll ()
    "Check `this-command' to see if a scroll is to be done."
    (cond ((eq this-command 'next-line)
           (call-interactively 'scroll-all-scroll-down-all))
          ((eq this-command 'previous-line)
           (call-interactively 'scroll-all-scroll-up-all))
          ((memq this-command '(scroll-up scroll-up-command))
           (call-interactively 'scroll-all-page-down-all))
          ((memq this-command '(scroll-down scroll-down-command))
           (call-interactively 'scroll-all-page-up-all))
          ((eq this-command 'beginning-of-buffer)
           (call-interactively 'scroll-all-beginning-of-buffer-all))
          ((eq this-command 'end-of-buffer)
           (call-interactively 'scroll-all-end-of-buffer-all))
          ((eq this-command 'forward-char)
           (call-interactively 'scroll-forward-all)))))

You can extend for other scrolling functions in a similar way.

You can use C-h k to lookup the command bound to a key.

  • It's cool. Emacs 4ever :-) Commented Feb 28 at 8:34

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