In OS X or X11 terminal emulator supporting proportional fonts Emacs is recommended for proportional font editing and shell use.

What can / should I put in a .emacs file so it loads Evil mode and displays text with a proportional font?

What should I put in a foo.el file so that calling Emacs with -l foo.el renders Emacs as a proportional font terminal?


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The easiest thing to do is to open Emacs, type M-x customize-face then type default when prompted for a face to edit. You’ll see a form that lets you choose a font as well as other details of the face such as size, weight, and color. Save the buffer with C-x C-s and the new settings will both take effect immediately and be saved to your init file so that they are permanent.

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    And M-x ansi-term to use as a terminal. Mar 6 at 21:34

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