I have

 (appendq! prettify-symbols-alist '(
           ("_\\infty" .    (? (bl . cl) ?∞))     ;; works
           ("_{-\\infty}" . (? (bl . cl) "-∞"))   ;; does not work

to prettify the text _{-\infty} to -∞ in a subscript (I am writing LaTeX). While the first works, the second does not work. Presumably something’s wrong with escape characters, but I could not find the flaw. Any help appreciated.

Thanks to the response below, this works:

           ("_\\infty" .    (? (bl . cl) ?∞))
           ("_{-\\infty}" . (? (bl . cl) ?- (br . cl) ?∞))

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You've used a list for your CHARACTER argument, regarding which compose-region tells you:

If it is a vector or list, it is a sequence of alternate characters and composition rules, where (2N)th elements are characters and (2N+1)th elements are composition rules to specify how to compose (2N+2)th elements with previously composed N glyphs.

So your elements have to be characters and composition rules, whereas "-∞" is a string, not a character.

No doubt you will want to decide how you want to compose the individual characters of that string, and use the appropriate composition rule between them.

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