I am a Linux and EMACS noob. I have installed captain mode in EMACS and love it except that it won't start capitalizing the next sentence unless there are two spaces after a period. I stopped that practice long ago and only put one space after a period. Is there a way to customize captain-mode so that it would recognize a new sentence beginning after only one space? Or is there another mode that would do this instead?


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Set variable sentence-end-double-space to nil in your init file:

(setq-default sentence-end-double-space nil)

C-h v tells us:

sentence-end-double-space is a variable defined in paragraphs.el.

Its value is t

Non-nil means a single space does not end a sentence.

This is relevant for filling. See also sentence-end-without-period and colon-double-space.

This value is used by the function sentence-end to construct the regexp describing the end of a sentence, when the value of the variable sentence-end is nil. See Info node ‘(elisp)Standard Regexps’.


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