I get the error yas--advance-end-maybe-previous-fields: Assertion failed: (memq field (yas--snippet-fields snippet)) in org mode when I use snippets that:

  • do not contain $1 in the snippet

  • use auto expansion within latex environments with # condition: (and (texmathp) 'auto)

I did not get the error

  • autoactivating snippets outside of latex environments
  • when the snippet had a $1
  • when not autoacivating snippets in latex environments
  • with similar snippets in latex documents instead of org documents

Example :

After test is expanded to tested using the snippet below, pressing a letter key results in the error mentioned before

    # -*- mode: snippet -*-
    # name: testSnippet
    # key: test
    # condition: (and (texmathp) 'auto)
    # --

  • also, what is a good way to suppress the assertion errors ? Commented Mar 22 at 16:58


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