I'm running Emacs 29.2 on Mac OS 14.4 on an M1 Mini. I have a Brother HL-L8260CDW series printer.

Normal print commands (print-buffer, print-region) work fine.

What doesn't work are the ps-print... suite of commands. If I run M-x ps-print-buffer-with faces, I get this error:

Spooling...done: /usr/bin/lpr: Unsupported document-format “application/postscript”

A PostScript buffer is created, if I try to print this buffer with ps-despool, I get a similar error.

I added (require 'printing) and (require 'ps-print) to my init.el. Didn't fix the problem.

I checked variables printer-name, value "default". I looked at the CUPS interface, it looks OK, but I didn't change anything in case I really broke something.

These commands used to work, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered to bind ps-print-buffer-with-faces to M-s-b. My problem could have something to do with upgrading either Emacs to 29, or Mac OS to 14.4.

I'm not sure whether this is an Emacs problem, but I thank the group in advance for pointing me in the direction of a solution.

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Clearly Emacs is generating the postscript file and submitting it using the lpr program correctly. But lpr returns an error. That’s where you should begin your investigation. lpr is part of CUPS, so consult the CUPS documentation.

  • Thanks, @db48x for your reply. The CUPS documentation is a complete mystery. Can you suggest where I might start looking?
    – PhilC
    Mar 30 at 1:00

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