I'm refactoring my Emacs config files so that they are generated with org-babel-tangle. I am able to do everything I need but I really miss better refactoring support.

As an example, after I define a symbol (variable, function), there maybe a lot of unrelated code and prose before the next usage:

Some explanation about a and x:

(defun a ...)
(defvar x ...)

Another paragraph ...


Using a or x:

(doSomething (a) ...)
(crashSystem x ...)

To rename a symbol, I enter edit mode (C-c '), and there is some limited refactoring support, e.g., rename symbol, extract variable, etc. However, changes to a symbol across all Babel blocks or across files is not supported.

My workflow today is to use helm-projectile-ag to find usages in the project (git repo) and then apply the required changes to each, one by one, by hand.

I have been googling for refactoring support across blocks/files so far with little success. I have posted this question to gather some pointers, references to Emacs packages that can improve my refactoring workflow or maybe help me rethink my workflow.


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