I am on Debian 12 / Ubuntu 22.

I installed emacs+ess by doing

sudo apt install emacs sudo apt install ess

When I start an R file, it does not show me the icons for instance for Load file.

Can someone please point me in the right direction? What can I do to fix this?

Here is a screen shot:

ESS without load file buttons

On Debian 10, my ESS menu bar looked like this :

ESS in Debian 10

  • What is the value of ess-use-toolbar?
    – Tobias
    Apr 4 at 13:27
  • Can you try M-x load-library <RET> ess-toolbar <RET>?
    – Tobias
    Apr 4 at 15:43
  • M-x load-library <RET> ess-toolbar <RET> did not bring back the buttons. Apr 4 at 16:17
  • Please do M-x customize-option <RET> ess-use-toolbar <RET>. What does the customization buffer for ess-use-toolbar show? Is it switched on or off?
    – Tobias
    Apr 4 at 16:47
  • When I do M-x customize-option <RET> it prompts for Customize variable. When I type in ess-use-toobar and press <RET> it says [No match]. Apr 5 at 4:18

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To get this

ESS-specific Toolbar Icons in Toolbar

ESS-specific Toolbar Icons in Toolbar

do this

;; Recipe for `emacs -Q`

(setq package-user-dir "~/.emacs.d/elpa")

(use-package ess-toolbar
  :autoload ess-add-toolbar)

(use-package ess-r-mode
  (ess-use-toolbar t)
  (ess-toolbar-global nil)
  (add-hook 'inferior-ess-r-mode-hook
            (defun my-inferior-ess-r-mode-hook-20240405113534003 ()

  • Dear mxnt, many thanks for your reply. I pasted all except the first 2 lines of the lisp code in my .emacs. Now I can see the buttons which were missing. Apr 5 at 9:07
  • I have a small related query. Why do I need to do this manually as of now? If I remember correctly, in the earlier versions of Debian the buttons would show up on their own. Apr 5 at 9:16

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